Monde chinois (Only in French)
   Agnes Andresy spoke in an interview with the french journal Monde chinois -- directed by Igor Yakoubovitch.
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Defense (Only in French)
   Agnes Andresy spoke in an interview with the journal Defense, and more particularly about her latest book "Xi Jinping, red China the next generation" (L'Harmattan) published in 2013.
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China’s policy in Africa, myths and reality (Only in French)
   In recent years, the literature on China’s policy in Africa has dramatically grown. But with few exceptions (Michel and Beuret, 2008, and Chaponniere and Jozan, 2008), they defend the Western point of view and focus on China’s systemic plunder of African resources. As a counterpoint to this literature, this article is based primarily on Chinese sources and argues that although some convergent interests exist, China actually has multiple policies in Africa.
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Why should trade between Central Asia and China continue to expand ?
   Trade volume between Central Asia and China has tripled since 2002. This study, which is based on Chinese sources, explains the reasons for this expansion in trade. Even if numerous obstacles remain, Government development policy in China’s western regions has induced trade growth between Xinjiang and Central Asia. Trade flows mainly consist of three blocks: economic activities of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, commerce conducted by traders of the coastal province of Zhejiang, based in Xinjiang, and petty trade notably between Kazakhstan and Xinjiang.
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Chinese realpolitik

Xi Jinping era


Red China
the next generation

only in french

The politics and networks of
Hu Jintao, president of China


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