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Chinese realpolitik in the Xi Jinping era (French)
   Since taking power in late 2012, Xi Jinping has become the hands down leader of the Middle kingdom in recent decades. His reign is defined by themassive challenges to be faced in order to achieve China's modernization. But, in truth, Xi is not an ideologue : he is simply concerned about the interest of China and the and the chinese people. That is why his policy is to make its best efforts, no matter what the circumstances are. Under Deng Xiaoping, communism turned into capitalism and became ″socialism with the Chinese characteristics″. Xi Jinping merges all this at the same time into one proposition: ″realpolitik with the Chinese characteristics″.
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Xi Jinping, Red China, the next generation
   With the rise to power of the fifth generation in November 2012, Xi Jinping became the undisputed leader of China. For the first time, the descendant of a great Communist hero, a red princeling, has reached the highest rungs of power in the Middle Kingdom. However, the new Chinese leader raises many questions. Will he be an ephemeral president who is incapable of imposing his will on his peers? Will he give priority to Reform? Will he turn toward a Western form of government or fall in line with the approach of his elders?
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Who's Hu?: The politics and networks of Hu Jintao, president of China (French)
   Between neo-authoritarianism and economic openness, Hu Jintao made his mark by going after the drivers of social instability and promoting China on the world stage. By looking at his networks, power struggles, and great patriotic designs, this biography goes beyond Hu Jintao to also sketch a portrait of 21st century China and the challenges it is willing to take on while imposing a development model with Chinese characteristics.
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The new leaders of China (French)
   After having fought against privileges under Mao, Chinese Communist leaders allowed themselves to slide into nepotism. The arrival in power of Deng Xiaoping’s clan was seen as the emergence of a red aristocracy at the highest levels of the political apparatus, military, and business. The red princelings have become an indispensable part of China’s ruling class. The author sheds light on their networks, major political projects, internecine struggles, and corruption.
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Agnes Andresy spoke in an interview with the french journal Monde chinois -- directed by Igor Yakoubovitch.

Agnes Andresy spoke in an interview with the journal Défense.

(in french only)
China’s policy in Africa, myths and reality analyzed by Gael Raballand and Agnes Andresy in the journal Etudes.
Read the study by Gael Raballand and Agnes Andresy published in Asia Europe Journal.

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